Gitta van Buuren

Independent documentary photographer, development sociologist, consultant, curator, lecturer

MA Cultural Anthropology/Non-western Sociology, Free University, Amsterdam, NL
Specialisation: Development Sociology
MA Photographic Studies, Leiden University, Leiden, NL

Combining photography & development sociology in photography projects. Focussing on social changes and its effects on society, like underdevelopment, human rights issues, refugees, migrants, the multicultural society & changing human perceptions. Addressing subjects and issues that went unnoticed or already have been forgotten by the public, in order to keep them under public attention and to change existing perceptions.
Small stories, everyday life subjects instead of the breaking news items, but nevertheless indicative of circumstances.
Photo projects are mostly self-initiated and self-funded.
Relevant Education-Training

2009-2011 Printing in old photographic processes, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, NL
2008-2009 Research workshop Documentary Photography, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL
2008-2009 Research workshop Photojournalism, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL
2008 Determination of old photographic processes, Print Room, Leiden University, NL
2005-2006 Various courses on scriptwriting for film & documentary, and video work, Open Studio, Amsterdam, NL
2002-2003 Chris de Bode Master Class, Fotogram Photo Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2000-2001 Marcel Molle Master Class, Fotogram Photo Academy, Amsterdam, NL
2000-2002 Various additional courses in photography, Fotogram Photo Academy, Amsterdam, NL
1992-1993 Basic and Advanced Photography course, Canon Image Centre, Amsterdam, NL

Relevant working experience

2016 Workshops ‘Digital Storytelling’, Institute Social Work, Hogeschool Utrecht, NL
2015 Workshop ‘Digital Storytelling’, Institute Social Work, Hogeschool Utrecht, NL
2014 Workshop ‘Digital Storytelling’, Institute Social Work, Hogeschool Utrecht, NL
2014 Workshops ‘Street photograpy’, Sony Experience 2014, Batavia dock, Lelystad, NL
2014 Workshops ‘Street photography’, Leica Pop-Up Store, Amsterdam, NL
2014 Promotion- and sales assistant, Leica Pop-Up Store, Amsterdam
2010-2011 Parttime managing director photo agency Aina Photo International, Amsterdam
2009 Trainer photography course for Afghan staff and management of Dutch Consortium Uruzgan* & Afghan partner organisations, Tarin Kowt & Kabul, Afghanistan.
2008 Trainee as assistant to curator Wim Melis for the Noorderlicht Photo Festival “Beyond Walls”, Noorderlicht, Groningen/Leeuwarden, NL
2006 Visiting lecturer and photographer for youth project “My World in Amsterdam” at secondary schools, Amsterdam
2006-today Visiting lecturer Photography & Photoshop, Institute Social Work & Faculty Ecological Pedagogy, Hogeschool Utrecht, Utrecht/Amersfoort, NL
2005-2011 Trainer photography & Photoshop and consultant at Aina Photo Agency/Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan
2005 Script writer of informative film “Mind The Gap”, Split Focus Films, Amsterdam
2002 Still photographer documentary film “Eigen Weg” by Dutch film director Pieter Verhoeff

*Dutch Consortium Uruzgan: Cordaid Memisa, Dutch Committee for Afghanistan, Healthnet TPO, Save the Children, ZOA Refugee Care

Voluntary work

- Aina Photo Agency/Afghanistan, Kabul – development photography library, workshop trainer, advisor of the management, managing director international office
- Amnesty International Netherlands - photographer
- Orange Babies, The Netherlands - photographer
- Rabe-i-Balkhi, Society of Afghan Women in The Netherlands– photographer, curator exhibition
- Tibet Support Group Netherlands – photographer
- War Child Netherlands - photographer

Extensive travel-, research- and work experience abroad

- Afghanistan (2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
- Sri Lanka (1993)
- India (1985-1986, 1993, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2009)

Exhibitions/Activities (g-group/s-solo)

2011 - “My school is my future. Education for girls in Kabul”, University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, NL (s)
2010 - Presentation “Girls & Women in Afghanistan”, 29th Globalization Reading ‘Boss in own Burqa’, Amsterdam, NL (s)
- “My school is my future. Education for girls in Kabul”, Wageningen & Maastricht, NL (s)
- “Warzone”, Noorderlicht Photo festival 2010, Leeuwarden, NL (g)
- “Tribute to John Lennon”, Tias/Nimbas, Tilburg, NL (g)
- Presentation “Afghanistan outside Uruzgan”, 28th Globalization Reading ‘Exit Afghanistan?’, Amsterdam, NL (s)
- Presentation “Development projects in Uruzgan”, Afghanistan-meeting ‘Stay or Leave’, Cafť Dudok, The Hague, NL (s)
2009 - “Grand Paul Huf Award 2009”, City hall Spijkenisse, NL (g)
- “Dhārmika-Azadi”, Restaurant De Waaghals, Amsterdam, NL (s)
- Presentation “Female photojournalists in Afghanistan”, ‘Meeting point Afghanistan’, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam, NL (s)
- “From Holland with Peace”, Bed-in For Peace 1969-2009, Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam, NL (g)
2008 - “The Female Eye in Focus. Female Photojournalists in Afghanistan”, IFOR/WPP Seminar, Concordia, The Hague, NL (s)
- Presentation “Female Photojournalists in Afghanistan”, New Church, A’dam, NL (s)
- Member panel discussion on women in Afghanistan, New Church, Amsterdam, NL
2007 - Presentation “Female Photojournalists in Afghanistan”, MFC De Lichtboei, Zierikzee, NL (s)
2006 - “The Grand Paul(s) – Tribute to Paul Huf”, Galerie Moderne, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Music in the Air”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Pink Ribbon Award 2006”, De Bijenkorf department store, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Grand Paul Huf Award 2006”, City hall Naarden, NL (g)
- “Identity Represented”, De Leeuwenburg Hogeschool Amsterdam, A’dam, NL (s)
2005 - “A Day in Amsterdam”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam (g)
- “Die Narben des Wahnsinns”, Gallery Coffeeshop Biba, Amsterdam, NL (s)
2004 - “Water”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam (g)
- “Back to Kabul”, Fire station Haarlem-Centrum, Haarlem, NL (s)
2003 - “Unrestricted Sight”, Public Library, Purmerend, NL (s)
- “Nominees Focus Public’s Prize 2003”, Gallery Journey Around the World in 80 Days, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “TuliPhoto”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Notice”, Photo festival Naarden, Naarden, NL (g)
- “Fotogram Award 2003”, Fotogram Photo Academy, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Power of Life”, Free University Academic Hospital, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Stronger after Cancer”, St. Radboud Academic Hospital, Nijmegen, NL (g)
2002/04 - “Facing Afghan Women. Portraits of Willpower”, Rotterdam, Den Haag (2x), Breda, Goes, Purmerend, Zandvoort; NL (s)
2002 - “Life is Short – Art is Forever”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Stronger after Cancer, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “The Photographer’s Evening Exhibition”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam (g)
- “Holland Thank You”, ABC Treehouse Gallery, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “India: Old & New”, Gallery Journey Around the World in 80 Days, A’dam, NL (g)
2001 - “Fotogram Award 2001”, Fotogram Photo Academy, Amsterdam, NL (g)
- “Islam in India”, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Zaandam, NL (s)
- “Marcel Molle Masterclass Exhibition”, Fotogram Photo Academy, A’dam, NL (g)
1997 - “Strange-Framed”, Film theater Rialto, Amsterdam, NL (s)

On websites, in newsletters, flyers, reports, magazines and books by:

• Amnesty International Netherlands
• Colors Magazine
• De FOTOgraaf magazine
• De Telegraaf daily newspaper
• Dutch Consortium Uruzgan
• EOS magazine
• F+D/Fotografie magazine
• Flow magazine
• Focus magazine
• Forum, Institute for Multicultural Development
• Hawa-dar-Tabid (Eva in Exile)
• Joods Jaarboek (Jewish Yearbook)
• Lover magazine
• Marie Claire
• Museumtijdschrift (Museum magazine)
• Museum Visie
• Nederlandse Moslim Omroep (Netherlands Muslim Broadcasting Organisation)
• Nieuw IsraŽlitisch Weekblad (New Israelian Weekly)
• Noorderlicht Foundation
• Opzij magazine
• Orange Babies
• Psyche & Brein magazine
• P/F magazine
• Private photography magazine
• Rabe-i-Balkhi, Society of Afghan Women in The Netherlands
• Foundation Adriaans, St. Michielsgestel
• Foundation Ariana, Maastricht
• The Liaison Office, Kabul
• Tibet Support Group Netherlands
• Vrouw & Geloof Vlaanderen (Women & Religion Flanders)
• War Child Netherlands


• Amnesty International Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Cordaid, The Hague, NL
• Dutch Consortium Uruzgan, The Netherlands/Afghanistan
• Egmond Film, TV & Documentary, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• EOS Magazine, Belgium
• Forum, Institute for Multicultural Development, Utrecht, The Netherlands
• Globalization Reading, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• HIVOS, Humanistic Institute for Development Cooperation, The Hague, The Netherlands
• Hogeschool Utrecht, Institute Social Work & Ecological Pedagogy, Utrecht/Amersfoort, The Netherlands
• Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Development Cooperation, The Hague, The Netherlands
• Museum Visie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Royal Embassy of The Netherlands Kabul, Afghanistan
• Orange Babies, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Psyche & Brein Magazine, Belgium
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• Split Focus Films, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Foundation Home for the Physically Handicapped, Purmerend, The Netherlands
• Foundation Ariana, Maastricht, The Netherlands
• Foundation My World Is Everywhere, Amsterdam
• Tibet Support Group Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Transcontinenta BV, Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands
• War Child Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Archives & private collections

• Atria – Institute for Emancipation and Women’s History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• IISG, International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
• Adriaans Foundation, St. Michielsgestel, The Netherlands
• Various private collections

• 2012 - 1e place Public’s Prize, ASA Student photo competition
• 2003 - 2e place Public’s Prize, Focus Magazine
• 2003 - 2e place C-category (Master classes & Specializations), Fotogram Photo Academy Award


• NVJ/NVF (Dutch Association of Journalists - Section Photographers)
• Vers / NFTVM (Association of New Film and Television Makers - The Netherlands)
• Frontline Club